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Golf Lessons is proud to introduce you to the future of golf training. Interactive video lessons that you can view at your leisure. Take the advice given by one of the top 10 coaches in South Africa and watch as this PGA coach explains the finer points of the game to you in an exciting new online format.

You can now sign up for your weekly online golf lesson via the PayPal subscribe button at the top of this page to the right of our logo.

When you have subscribed you can:

  • Get access to each week's lesson

  • View every active lesson by logging in and then navigating to the View DIY Golf Lessons link which will appear to the right of the Home link in the green bar below our logo

  • Practise the new tips and tricks at your leisure and view the active lessons over and over - Then practise some more

If you have any questions, problems or queries, please contact us now.

Some of our lessons include:

  1. The Grip: How to correctly grip your club

  2. The Release: The correct way to end your swing

  3. Posture: Connect your club to the power source

  4. Grip pressure: Too tight or too loose? Mr. Botha shows you how

  5. Aim and Alignment: Make sure the ball goes where YOU want it to go

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