How to make an online appointment

Search for a Coach

Use the search facility top right. There are two ways you can search. Either search
for all the coaches in a specific area or for a specific coach or golf club.

Select one of the facilities

Click on any of the search results. This will open the profile of the teaching academy
or golf club.

Select golf lesson

This will open a list of the coaches available at that facility or golf club.

Select any of the coaches and a date for the lesson

Select the preferred coach or leave the selection on all. Select a date range where
you would prefer the lesson to take place and click "GO". A diary or range of diaries
will open, showing availability.

Select a suitable time

Click on any of the "BLUE" times. Other colours means the coach is not available.
If the diary shows in purple, click on the "NEXT" button to move to the next day.
Click on next until you see available time slots.

Complete the Appointment Template

Enter your name and email address to complete the appointment
and click on "BOOK NOW".


You will recive an email to confirm the appointment. 24 Hours before the appointment
you will receive a SMS to remind you of the lesson.